• Priya

Break the Holidaze Haze.

It is 2020! We made it to a new decade, I hope you enjoyed your holiday, and that you've settled into the new year believing that anything could happen!

Every year, I welcome the new year by setting a professional goal, financial goal, social goal, and fitness goal. Since I stopped using a scale, I definitely developed a stronger relationship with my body. I learned to respect her voice. I treat my body as I would treat a six year old. I listen when she says she's uncomfortable, all the while steering her in the right direction towards agility, strength, and endurance. Our physical activity needs to be supported by good mental health and both those things are supported by a nutrient rich diet.

This year my fitness goal is to share my experiences with you, to build a community in which exercise and wellness is a way of life that is enjoyable. Many of you ask me how I keep so fit, what my routine looks like, and how I stay so disciplined.

It is difficult to explain, since it is easy for you to find excuses of why you can't achieve the same goals that I have... but I am choosing to show you that we can do it, and we will together.

Let's begin with my why when I choose to make fitness a priority... I want to be powerful and self reliant. I work out to maintain agility, strength, and endurance. I keep it very simple. I find that when I eat well I am able to maintain focus, which helps the effectivity of my workouts.

I change my workout routine frequently, while I maintain core aspects. My warm up is always a run, because I enjoy running. I work out with weights at least twice a week, and I'm always flexible about what weight I use, because some days you just don't need that kind of pressure.

You see, it all ties together, and can easily be consolidated into a nice little routine.

But first, let's shop! Here's what you'll need and you can find all of this on Amazon or even Marshall's:

1.) Journal - to log your workout, water intake, and most importantly at least one thing you're grateful for. I especially love to log ideas, affirmations, and any little thing I might like.

2.) Calendar - be organized. If you know what and when you have to do something, it is easy to automate certain things, which will give you time to fit in more. So take a little longer watching that show on Netflix, because you can squeeze a ten minute work out in there ;)

3.) Yoga mat - so your ten minute workout/ tv-time session on the living room floor can be comfy.

4.) Workout Clothes - I don't get too crazy about this. I keep it simple. Two sports bras, two pairs of yoga pants, some cotton t-shirts, running jacket... if you'd like to see what I like, leave a comment, or reach out to me on IG for suggestions (@priya_irl).

5.) Compression socks - because regular socks are not as good. Trust me on this. You'll go harder, faster, longer and feel better about it.

6.) Posture corrector - follow the directions, and your workouts will be by far more effective.

7.) Wireless Earbuds - so you can pump up the jams and do burpees without anything stalling you. I got mine on Amazon for $40.

8.) Foam roller - to alleviate muscle soreness.

9.) Full length mirror - to check yourself out during workouts to ensure that you've got good form...And that you staying mad fly and fresh to death.

10.) Running shoes - to support your feet, ankles, and knees during cardio. I use New Balance. I'm not too particular about this, as long as they are made for high intensity workouts I am good to go.

11.) Satin hair ties - to prevent breakage and keep your hair out of your face. Also super easy to wash.

12.) 32 oz water bottle - I use Camelbak brand, they are durable. Stay hydrated.

13.) 10 lbs kettlebell - great for a 30 min full body routine.

14.) 6 lbs dumbell - ideal weight for a fine toning, chill workout.

15.) Wheatgrass - it'll give you energy and boost your immunity.

16.) Protein - I'm still searching for my favorite. I look for about 25 grams per scoop.

17.) Rose Quartz pendent - to promote self love.

A simple list to start building healthy habits. Next up, I'll share my February calendar, until then follow me on Instagram where I post updates, affirmations, check-ins, and most importantly we can get interactive! My IG handle is Priya_irl


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