• Priya

Hit the Spot.

If you know me personally and platonically, you know that I am not crazy about sweets, I'll pass on the cake, pie, or whatever...

If you have been on a date with me, you know that dessert is pretty much all I care about ordering.

I get to the restaurant, wait anxiously for the menu, and as soon as I am handed the menu, I flip to the back, praying that the dessert menu is on THIS menu. (IKR, intense.) I exhale the moment I spot a limoncello, I know I am going to have a fabulous time.

Let's say, I am not at an Italian restaurant, I look for mochi or a chocolate molten lava cake.

Now, here's the most important part...

My favorite dessert in Manhattan is at Bar Primi located on Bowery. (I have a favorite in Queens, but that is for another post)

The Nutella Sundae is a Nutella flavored ice cream with a clean finish, drizzled with rich chocolate cookie crumbles, hazelnuts for a nice crunch, chocolate syrup, and a light frangelico whipped cream which lends a simple marshmallowy tone. It is a decadent dessert, but it doesn't feel that way since the ice cream has a clean finish, you can easily sink into the rich textures of the toppings without the distraction of guilt. (Needless to say, this is still very much a calorie heavy dessert, it just doesn't feel that way, ya know, like a toxic bf) After indulging, a nice long walk to the subway is a romantic end to the night if it is going well, if not, the dessert was your consolation prize. ;)



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