• Priya

Fill up your cup.

Auto-pilot is a wonderful feature, but it shouldn't become your default.

Becoming detached and going through the motions can lead to an unconscious living, leaving a you in constant state of discontentment. Discontentment is this hole within you just can't seem to fill... how can we combat falling into the "burnout" path?

First, let's recognize the signs of burnout:

Insomnia, lack of concentration, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, pessimism, isolation, and feeling of hopelessness.

It is important to take steps to avoid making these emotions habitual. Gaining control over your emotional state puts you in the driver's seat of the car, and maintaining control is you steering along the path.

The most effective tool in combating a burnout is a simple one, a vision board.

While researching how to build a vision board, I began to feel such pressure amidst all the hopelessness, so I super simplified the process.

First, I searched for my medium. I knew that I wanted my board to be minimalistic, yet bohemian. I found some yard sign holders at Home Depot for 99 cents a pop.

I got home and searched through my collection of magazines for ones I felt like I simply liked, and narrowed them down to four. Since the grid of the sign holder will only hold nine images I had to be very selective about what I chose, so I only selected things I wanted to, even if it didn't make sense.

I used disco tape to attach the images to the sign holder. This took one evening and costed $9, granted I chose to use images I had at home, if you have to purchase a magazine, you may spend up to $20.

I did this in July, it is now late August, and I feel a revived sense of self. The vision board is a tangible visual aid to remind me of what I like, all it takes is a glance, and it feels like a free refill.

The key is, don't over think it, keep it simple...


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