• Priya

Cuffing season commences.

Feel that crisp breeze? The sun is bright and warm. The comfort is settling in as summer's restlessness fades away. Your tastebuds yearn for something heavier, beers and pretzels in lieu of rosé and arugula.

By this point, dating musical chairs is slowing down the music and most of us can recognize we have lost this round and will try again on Halloween.

Have no fear you hopeless romantics, this next couple weeks are in fact best time for embracing romance! So, while you may see fewer singles out there, consider that there's less pressure to look good on dates since everyone's drank away summer bodies in their margaritas and mimosas. You won't be sweating from sheer existing. Dates are much more interesting, since the music isn't as loud, you can hear what they are saying.

There's closed toe shoes, blazers, and scarves.

Something about that initial autumn breeze brings out the sweetest kind of romance in the air.

While you embrace prime dating season (cuffed or not) I would highly recommend you visit Miss Ada in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This Mediterranean and Israeli restaurant is the perfect spot, and here's why...

The food is rich in flavor, the cocktails enhance the light, home-y ambiance. The staff is helpful, patient, and accommodating. Miss Ada does such a wonderful job at providing a comfortable environment, it makes it nearly impossible to not unfold your inhibitions and enjoy the moment.

What we ate:

  • Beets | Beet Puree, Pickled Beets, Tahini

  • Baba Ganoush | Ginger Aioli, Eggplant Chip, Za'atar

  • Whipped Ricotta | Brown Butter, Honey, Sage

  • Sweet Potato Hummus | Creme Fraiche, Paprika Oil, Almonds

  • Falafel | Feta, Taggiasca Olives, Green Tahini

We Drank:

Arak Kawar & Mint (




TUE-TH 5:30p–10:30p F-SA 5:30p–11:30p SU 11:00a-2:30p, 5:30p–10:30p


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